Brass Hands lps have arrived! Preorders are shipping this week, thanks for your patience!



With the Burials lp out and the Brass Hands and Diseased Reason lps due to arrive soon, we are way stoked to announce that our fourth release will come from the desert-baked grindcore nomads Noisear. The record is being tracked as we post this update, and we’ll hopefully have this thing released fairly early in 2015. If you haven’t heard these guys before do yourself a favor and check them out now!


Burials “The Tide” LPs have arrived! These things took a little longer to finish than we anticipated, but the records look and sound fantastic! Pre-orders are shipping this week, thanks for your patience.


Our webstore is up and running. Check it out here.


We are happy to announce that our first three releases are available for pre-order and should be ready to ship around July or August of 2014; however, despite the fact that this label is literally run by scientists, we apprently have nothing but trouble staying organized and on top of things here at Batholith Industries. So, we wouldn’t blame you if you want to wait until we actually have these records in hand to place an order. Having said that, these three bands have all produced killer records, and these high-quality vinyl releases are limited and only run in small quantities. In other words, if you make a pre-oreder don’t be surprised if things take longer to ship than we anticipate. And if you don’t preorder, don’t get mad if you miss out on these records altogether. 

The first of these bands is none other than Burials from Portland, OR. Batholith Industries will be releasing “The Tide”, the follow-up to their debut self-titled full-length released by End Theory Records in 2011. We could rant and rave about how great these guys are and tell you all about the scores of other great bands they had/have, but you’d probably rather just hear them for yourself. So check out The Tide here.

Our (technically) second release comes from Brass Hands out of Tucson, AZ. This will be the debut release from these guys, and is titled "Safe Places". We like Brass Hands a lot, but again we’d rather just show you where you can hear Safe Plances than try and describe this record on our website. That’s just stupid. Safe places is streaming for free here.

The last of these three releases comes from Diseased Reason; these guys were in Tucson, AZ, when this record was recorded, but are now spread out between Tucson, Dallas, Eugene and Baoding. Being the assholes of the bunch, Diseased Reason only have one song available for streaming, which you can check out here; however, the CD version was recently released by Handshake Incorporated, so it’s probably not too hard to find it streaming somewhere. This album is titled “Recombinant” and is a split release between Batholith Industries and Forest Moon Records.

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